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Rant post - need to get this out.

It sucks knowing you’ve been completely replaced. By a person you thought was your best friend. So many inside jokes and memories. Are just floating away in the air between us. Words are not spoken. The air between us stays silent. Wrapped up In your “new life” you run off and be with your “new best friend” leaving us here in the dust like we never mattered. Like we were never here for you when in reality, sometimes we were the only ones here for you in your worst of times. She was never there. She’s changing you for the worst cant you see? Or are you too blinded by your own lies? I’ve tried saving you countless times and each time you say “I promise. Never again” but look at your self? Doesn’t a promise mean anything to you? What are you going to do? .. When he breaks up with you because he finds out your lies? Or when she finds another “friend” and goes to try to screw up their life? And we are the only ones there, just like before. You’re so young and you’re messing up your life so much? Why can’t you see? We are so worried. You’ve changed so much in just the 8 months we have been in high school. This is not who you are. You and I both know that. But you continue to lie and lie and lie. Where does it get you? Circles. That’s where. You gotta cover up one lie with another to “fit in” and “Be cool”. If doesn’t have to be this way. But I’m tried if trying to save you if your just going to go right back down. It’s up to you now. I really hope you make a good choice because it’ll be the first one you’ve made in quiet a while.

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